House System

We operate a strong house system within Cove. All students and staff belong to one of four houses. Austen, Cody, Montgomery, or Wellington! Directors of Progress run one vertical house, but all students stay in the same horizontal year group throughout their time at Cove School.

Why do we Have a House System?

  • Gives a sense of identity
  • Gives a feeling of belonging
  • A team of people working towards a common goal
  • A desire to be the best
  • To develop pride and passion

House Days

In order to generate house spirit and healthy competition amongst the students, we will be having the following dedicated house days as follows:

The students will be able to wear their house colours on these days – normal school uniform and shoes on the bottom half and a coloured top / accessories on the top half. The students will run activities and raise money for their chosen charity.

  • 16 December – Austen
  • 12 February – Montgomery
  • 4 March – Cody
  • 29 April – Wellington

Up Until ...... Monday 18th April 2016

Upuntil 18.04.2016

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