PSHE Enrichment Day - Tuesday 14th November 2017

PSHE Enrichment Day 1

On Tuesday 14th November Cove School will hold its first PSHE collapsed day.  PSHE stands for Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education, and its main purpose is to enable young people to flourish in their lives and the future ahead of them.  We want the students at Cove School to leave not only with great GCSE results, but as well rounded individuals who will assist in making the world a better place.

This day is an opportunity for all students across the school to engage in PSHE related workshops, talking about relevant issues in their lives and the world around them.  This is the first of three PSHE Days, our second date is 7th March 2018, and the third day is Monday 16th July 2018.  These days not only allow for personal development and student involvement, but they also compliment all of the great work that Cove School and its students do building a better community.

We anticipate that this will be an enjoyable and insightful day for students. If you have any further questions please contact either me or your relevant Director of Progress.

J Walter- Year 7
E Williams (Stand in for Mr Lyddon)- Year 8
E Maple – Year 9
R Dangerfield- Year 10
L Trapnell- Year 11

Miss C Barnfield
PSHE Lead Teacher
Religious Education Teacher


Programme for PSHE DAY

Year 7


Getting to know you.

This session will allow students to get creative! We want students to think about what they like about themselves and each other.


Cake of Kindness.

If you were to build a cake of kindness, what would it include? This session asks students to think about kindness and give examples. The best group will actually get to make a cake with Mrs Rolls!



This session allows students to work as a team and to get to know the school inside out!



In this session students will explore what bullying is, talking about actions and consequences. There will also be a poster competition!


Board Games

In the afternoon the students will have a time to reflect on the day whilst playing board games. This is a great opportunity to build relationships and to put some of their skills into action!

  • Students will be in their form groups with their form tutors.
  • If they have a board game they would like to play they can bring it along (they are responsible for it).
  • Students will be in full school uniform with normal break and lunch times.
  • School will finish at normal time and normal expectations remain throughout the day.

Year 8


2020 Dreams

This workshop will be provided by an outside agency and lasts for 1:40 minutes. It allows students to tackle issues such as risk taking, drugs, alcohol and addition. Discussing laws and role playing scenarios.



Ghost Street Workshop

This workshops consists of a video followed by a discussion with a focus on road safety. This workshop reinforces the importance of keeping yourself safe when walking to school.


Stand Against Violence

This anti-violence workshop focuses on a real life story of 17-year-old Lloyd Fouracre who was attacked and killed on a night out. It also explores levels of violence in the UK and what pupils can do to keep themselves safe. The session is interactive with lots of opportunities for Q and A.


Personal Safety

In this session students will look at how to keep themselves around school and the importance of conducting themselves in a respectable manner outside of school.



This session will explore what bullying is and the different forms it can take. Students will also explore the consequences of bullying and the long term impact it can have.

  • Students will be put into groups for the day.
  • They will rotate between the 5 different sessions in these groups and the designated teachers.
  • Students will be in full school uniform with normal break and lunch times.
  • School will finish at normal time and normal expectations remain throughout the day.
  • This is a very insightful day, covering a lot of personal and sensitive topics. Please discuss the format of the day and the workshops with your children before the day, this prevent any surprises on the day.

Year 9

  • Following on from the previous letter, year 9 will be going into London to explore the wonders of the Natural History Museum.
  • Students will be put into groups for the day.
  • Students will arrive at school at normal time and will leave at 8:30 and return at approximately 4:00pm.
  •  Students must be in full school uniform for the day and will not be allowed to go on the trip if not.
  • The expectations of students are the same- they are representing Cove School.
  • It is recommended that students bring a pack lunch with them.

Year 10

  • Year 10 will be participating in an Enterprise Day.
  • This is day is organised by an external agency called ED2BIZ.
  • Students will in groups of 8 and will have to work as a team to as a music promotion company putting together a new band. They must work together to put together a showcase, logo and merchandise.They must consider costings, logistics, marketing, branding, presenting.
  • This will give students a taste of business and different career opportunities, allow them the opportunity to work as a team, or even lead a team and to practise their presentational skills.
  • Students are permitted to wear smart, business dress. No short dresses/skirts/ off the shoulder tops etc. Students must dress as they would in a workplace.
  • School will finish at normal time, with normal break and lunch; normal expectations remain throughout the day.

Year 11

  • Breakfast pastries will be provided for students.
  • Groups 11TS1, 11TS2, 11CA1, 11CA2 and 11CA3 will be in the main hall doing intensive biology study in order to maximise exposure to the content, allowing adequate time for revision later on in the year.
  • Students will need to bring a fully stocked pencil case.
  • After lunch there will be an open book practice exam based upon the morning session and a teacher surgery for those with specific questions or problems. 
  • Period 6, students will watch a biopic about the Chernobyl disaster.
  • Students will be in full school uniform with normal break and lunch times.
  • School will finish at normal time and normal expectations remain throughout the day.
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