GCSE Music Trip - Trio Dhoore

On Wednesday 1st November 2017, we took 27 GCSE music students to The Haymarket Theatre, Basingstoke to see a Flemmish folk band called ‘Trio Dhoore’.  This band provided traditional and modern folk music from around the world, performed on interesting instruments including Acoustic Guitar, Accordion and The Hurdy Gurdy (a very interesting instrument – look it up if you have never seen it!).

The students’ were amazed at the skill of the performers and the fact that they were performing without sheet music.  The band were very approachable, and came down at the end of the session and spoke to us about the instruments and how they had learnt the music.  They even let us have a picture taken with them (see below). 

Our students, as always, behaved impeccably and were a true credit to our school.

Trio dhoore

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