Year 8 TAG Team Building Day on 13th November

A select group of Year 8 students spent the morning working with the Fire Service crew on a variety of team building activities. They happily embraced having to put on boiler suits, helmets & even full face masks for some of the activities! They worked as teams to set-up & operate the hose in temperatures of around 6 degrees - brrrrr! Another activity reinforced how important clear communication was with a group having to guide a masked blind group through an obstacle course, all by radio instructions. 

Following this they were then taken to a basement whereby they got to experience what it is like for fire crew to walk into a smoke filled property. Again, the key message was about team work & looking out for each other's safety. The final activity was the "rat run" whereby they guided & helped each other through a maze in the dark whilst wearing masks - this was their favourite!     

They all behaved really well & the fire crew complimented the group on their conduct. The group are in the picture below which was taken after all the activities had been completed - looking a bit tired at this stage! 




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