Cove School Summer Reading Challenge

Cove School Summer Reading Challenge

Summer Reading Challenge

Summer Reading Challenge

Reading Challenge

Reading Challenge

Recommend Summer Reading Year 7 & 8

The Extraordinary Colours of Auden Dare

Author- Zillah Bethell

Auden has an unusual perspective on life as he cannot see in colour. Set in a dystopian world where water is scarce this is a compelling and moving story with plenty of humour and a heart-warming ending.

Letters from the Lighthouse

Author-Emma Carroll

Olive is evacuated to Cornwall where she discovers a community with lots of secrets. A compelling and exciting historical story with strong characterisation.

Roller Girl

Author-Victoria Jamieson

A graphic novel dealing with friendship and is ideal as a transition read. 12-year old Astrid sets her sights on joining a roller derby team and in the process has to find inner strength in order to make new friends and face new challenges in order to succeed.

Race to the Bottom of the Sea

Author- Lindsay Edgar

A wonderful mix of marine biology, adventure, invention, pirates and a hint of romance with a feisty heroine makes this an adventure story with a difference.

S1 S2 S3 S4

Welcome to Nowhere

Author- Elizabeth  Laird

Omar, a 12-year-old refugee is forced to flee war-torn Syria with his family and find refuge in neighbouring Jordan, but when his clever older brother, Musa, gets mixed up with some young political activists, everything changes. A topical read dealing with immigration and refugees.

Do you Speak Chocolate?

Author-Cas Lester

Jaz discovers that the best way to make friends with new girl Nadima, who doesn't speak any English, is by offering her a chocolate bar. Lovely warm story that manages to combine refugee and war issues with everyday adolescent concerns of family and friendship.


Author-Steve Cole

Very quick thriller featuring a gamer who wins a competition but soon learns that threats are not just virtual in this deadly game. (Hi-Lo)


Author-Leigh Bardugo

Very entertaining adventure with Diana set to prove to her community that she is worthy of the title warrior.

All the things that could go wrong

Author-Stewart Foster

Told from the perspectives of 2 main characters, Dan and Alex are very different making the story a compelling read.

S5 S6 S7 S8 S9

The Bone Sparrow

Author- Zana Fraillon

An award winning look at attitudes to refugees and cultural stories. This is a powerfully emotional and provocative book, not to be missed.


Author- Barclay Linwood

If you like a spy thriller, look no further than this: an exciting sci-fi with technology, dogs and a fast moving plot.

The Lost Dimension : Book One

Author-George Mann

A graphic mystery for fans of Dr Who with 13 doctors and a daughter featured as the doctors struggle to battle a white hole!

Word Nerd

Author- Susin Nielsen

Scrabble brings Ambrose a school nerd & Cosmo an ex-con together in this funny, zany story about courage. Warning there are a lot of mis-matched clothes & people

Coyote Summer

Author-Mimi Thebo

Julia has been expelled from school & dispatched to Kansas to the old family farm for the summer. She must learn to work, drive, think of others & consider the consequences of her actions. A terrific read with relationships at the centre of it.

Beyond the Bright Sea

Author-Lauren Wolk,

Crow has spent her life on a remote island after being abandoned as a baby. She sets out across the sea to find her family.

S10 S11 S12 S13 S14 S15

Recommend Summer Reading Year 9 & 10

The Truth About Lies

Author-Tracy Darnton

Remembering every detail of every day is a curse, but especially so if you can't trust the truth of those memories.

Boy 87

Ele Fountain

Shif is forced to flee Africa, leaving family and friends, when armed soldiers attempt to recruit him for the army.


Author- Marie Lu

Set in Tokyo, bounty hunter Emika infiltrates a wildly popular computer game on behalf of its designer, but soon discovers more than she bargained for.


Author-Rawsthorne, Paula

Lucy is dying of cancer. But instead she wakes from her deathbed in another girl's body. Whose? And how?

Survival Game

Author Nicky Singer

Climate change and euthanasia are the themes of this apocalyptic tale. Two companions attempt to travel to safety from Sudan to Scotland.

The Extinction Trials

Author SM Wilson

Jurassic Park meets the Hunger Games! The dinosaurs of Piloria must be eliminated to make way for the people of overcroweded Earthasia.

S16 S22 S18 S19 S20 S21

The Hanging Girl

Author-Eileen Coo

Skye claims her skill at reading tarot cards is giving clues to the whereabouts of missing Paige, but where does the truth actually lie?


Author- Sarah Crossan

Told in poetry, this is a deeply, moving story about a young man on Death Row in America and his brother’s frantic efforts to save him.

I Have Lost My Way

Author- Gayle Forman

3 teenagers meet in Central Park by chance and discover that they can help each other as they struggle with conflicting situations. Told over the course of just one day, this is an inspiring read.


Author Nick Lake

Three teens, raised for their entire lives in space, travel "home" to Earth and struggle with the huge contrasts between the two worlds. Written in text-speak.

Long Way Down

Author- Jason Reynolds

Will’s brother is killed in a gangland killing so Will knows that you need to get revenge. But in a lift with his brother’s gun, Will is joined by people trying to make him change his mind. The difference is that all those people are dead! A moving tale told in verse but very relevant to today.

S23 S24 S25 S28 S27

All books listed are School Library Service approved and should be available to loan from your local Public Library during the school holidays.

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