Graphic Products

Curriculum Leader: Miss D Hocking

Subject Teachers: Mr M Prince

Famous Quote

There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for  Milton Glaser

Overall Purpose of the Subject - Summary:

Design and Technology allows pupils to explore their creativity using a range of materials and techniques.  Pupils have the opportunity to design and make products that respond to a wide variety of problems within a range of contexts.

Graphic Products allows pupils to develop an awareness of the world around them; the subject looks at style and culture and how this impacts on design.

Course Outline and Structure – Key Stage 3

Each year in Key Stage 3 pupils experience a rotational timetable of the different Design and Technology subjects.  Each rotation lasts approximately 8 weeks allowing for pupils to develop their skills in 5 different areas.

Pupils are taught a wide range of design skills in the Graphic Products rotation including how to use computer programmes such as Photoshop and how to create an E-Portfolio.  They also develop their CAD skills and practice their hand drawing too.  Tasks focus on designing for the current market and how to appeal to a target group.

Course Outline and Structure – Key Stage 4                                Exam Board: AQA

In the first part of a Graphic Products GCSE, pupils are taught short projects to develop their designing skills looking at both hand drawn design and Computer based design.  They will be encouraged to use, understand and apply colour and design through images, to develop spatial concepts, and to understand graphic materials and their manipulation.

Towards the end of Year 10 the pupils will start their Controlled Assessments which ultimately forms their coursework module.  Once this has been completed they will start to work towards their exam preparing and practicing the theory aspects of the subject.

Assessment Method - Key Stage 4

Unit 1 – Written Paper – 2 hours – Externally Marked – 40% of overall grade

Unit 2 – Controlled Assessment – 45 hours (approx.) – Externally Moderated – 60% of overall grade

Consists of a single design and make activity.

Extra-Curricular Activities / Clubs:

We currently offer regular after school workshops in the format of a period 7 for GCSE pupils who are completing their controlled assessments.  These workshops will focus on ensuring the pupils have all the elements required to submit a thorough project meeting all of the Assessment Objectives.

Key Websites to support learning / useful resources:

Click here for information about the National Curriculum for Graphic Products

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