School Council

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‘The Student Voice.’

The new academic year always bring about a number of changes. This year is no different and we are pleased to introduce the New School Council for this year!

As always, we have representatives from all year groups and from all Houses, ensuring that the council is a true representation of the student body.

Our ongoing challenge is to continue to try and make Cove School a better, more welcoming place – one that students, staff and parents are proud to be associated with.

We will endeavour to create an environment that enhances a positive working ethos and allows everyone to feel safe and secure.

We hope to continue the good work achieved last year by meeting at least twice a term and ensuring that everyone in the school gets to benefit from our efforts!

Mr Lyddon Director of Progress - Wellington
Ben Ruewell Head Boy
Paige Wyatt Head Girl
Kieran Elliot Deputy Head Boy
Anastazia Marsh Deputy Head Girl
William Fairless Year 7 Representative
Tyra Clark Year 7 Representative
Charlie Dillamore Year 8 Representative
Emily Harding Year 8 Representative
Jamie Norman Year 9 Representative
Kiedis Briens Year 9 Representative
Olivia Dean Year 10 Representative
Amber Pexton Year 10 Representative
Milly Menges Year 11 Representative
Isaac Nash Year 11 Representative
Caleb Maddox Student Voice
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