Cody House CaptainsCody Prefects

Head of Wellington : Mrs L Trapnell
House Captains : Lily Addley, Natalie Davidson, Mia Graves
School Prefects : Jade Allen, Rebecca Binnie, Sophie Booth, Natalie Davidson, Charlotte Drayson, Mia Graves, Sarah Reece, Jade Wrightman, Lily Addley, Aush Gurung, Richal Gurung, Shubas Gurung, Lily Powell, Phebish Rai, Michael Whyman

History of Cody...

Samuel Franklin Cody (1867–1913)

Samuel Cody was a was a wild west showman and early pioneer of manned flight. He is most famous for his work on the large kites known as Cody War-Kites that were used by the British in WW1 as a smaller alternative to balloons for artillery spotting. He was also the first man to fly an aeroplane in Britain, on 16 October 1908.

On the 7th August 1913 Samuel Cody and his fellow passenger William Evans, a cricketer, died when testing his latest aircraft the Cody Floatplane. Samuel Cody had a well deserved burial with full Military Honours. He was buried in the Aldershot Military Cemetery, with an estimated crowd of 100,000 people.

A Man of Greatly Diverse Talents!

Jean Roberts


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