SEND - What support will there be for my child's wellbeing?

Your child will be in a tutor group of between 20 and 25 pupils of the same year.

The tutor will see your child for morning and afternoon registration each day.

The tutor is responsible for the day-to-day care of your child, monitoring their wellbeing as well as their academic progress and behaviour for learning. The tutor is the ‘first port of call’ for routine issues that might arise.

The Director of Academic and Pastoral Support (DAPS) oversees the work of the tutors and is responsible for monitoring academic progress, attendance and pastoral issues

  • Mr Cook       – Years 7 and 8
  • Mr Lyddon    – Year 9
  • Mrs Burke   – Years 10 and 11

We also have additional staff with specific roles relating to the care of your child while they are in school. These include:

  • A Health and Welfare Officer (Ms S Black) who is first aid trained and available throughout the school day for emergencies. There is a health and welfare suite which has a bed, toilets and first aid equipment. This is where all medicines are kept for dispensing during the day. If your child needs regular medication, you will be contacted to complete a form detailing the specific condition, signs to looks out for, actions to take in an emergency, dosages and times and possible side-effects. You will also be asked to give medical information from your GP or specialist and emergency contact details. We will keep detailed records of medications given and will telephone to let you know if we are getting low on stocks of your child’s medicine or if we are worried about your child’s condition.
  • A designated learning support area above the library where your child can go if they need a short respite. This is also where our group and tutorial work is carried out so it is a familiar place for some of our more vulnerable pupils.
  • A Family Liaison Officer (Ms E Williams BSc (Hons) Psychology) has an office at the front of the school and is available for support and advice during break and lunchtimes. Ms E Williams will also be working specifically with pupils with emotional, social and mental health difficulties and their families. She will be offering support and accessing external agencies to help pupils struggling with attendance and behaviour management.
  • A counsellor (Ms M Collins) is in school on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to offer one-to-one sessions with pupils. Pupils can ask their DAPS if they would like an appointment to see Ms Collins, parents can ask for a referral or your child’s DAPS could recommend an appointment to be set up.
  • A Year 11 Professional Tutor (Ms A Rogers) is responsible for the Year 11 students and is available for pastoral as well as academic support. She is also the Clerk to the Examinations and coordinates all requests for special access arrangements for external examinations.
  • Four Child Protection Officers (Mrs S Pearce, Mrs S Howells, Dr A King and Mr A Whitby) are responsible for the safeguarding of all pupils/students in the school.
  • Teachers and other staff are trained to identify pupils causing concern who may need additional support.

There is a student council which takes representatives from each tutor group and is open to all volunteers. The representatives are encouraged to share the views of the student body regarding matters ranging from lunch menus, state of the buildings to curriculum issues. The views are shared with the senior management team and governors.

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