Vivo Rewards

VivoMiles valentines

Last September saw the launch of Cove School’s partnership with Vivo, an online rewards system.  Vivo points are awarded to students for a variety of reasons from everything to effort with homework to acts of good citizenship.  At Cove we want to recognise all those small acts that students perform every day that make the school such a pleasant place to work and to learn.  So far almost 300,000 Vivo points have been awarded and students can save up points to spend on school-based prizes or to spend on items from the online Vivo shop.  We also run half-termly competitions to see which form groups and houses can accumulate Vivo points the quickest!  We have had a very positive response to the introduction of Vivo points so far, parents are given their own login access so they can keep up with their son/daughter’s points tally and see what he/she has been awarded Vivos for.

Click Here to visit the Vivo Website

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